Korean BBQ


On our recent trip to San Diego Dan’s sister (Tina) and brother-in-law (Josh) offered to make us dinner, which made us very happy. In his travels around the world with the Navy Josh has become very knowledgeable about world cuisine– Korean food being his most recent project after a recent deployment. I have to admit that I don’t know much about Asian food– it’s all sort of a mystery– so I was excited to have a seat at Josh and Tina’s table for Korean BBQ night.

Korean BBQ Night

This is Josh with some garlic stems, which I haven’t seen before, but, now that I have, I am excited to use them in my kitchen in other recipes.

Josh convinced us to try them raw with some red sauce that I can’t remember the name of…

Here are the short ribs…

and some pork belly and thinly sliced beef

We cooked all the vegetables and meat on the grill and wrapped it all up in lettuce leaves.

Here are some more of the garlic stems in the red sauce…

Once the grill was heated up it didn’t take long for the meat to cook. Everyone chose what they wanted, grilled it up and wrapped it up with steamed rice.

We also had some Kimchi…
Dan discovered that he liked to toss it on the grill before eating it.

So good…

Thank you, Josh and Tina, for making us such a great dinner!!


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