Thanksgiving Starters

I think the best part of Thanksgiving are the appetizers. What’s better than having a “a bit of this and a taste of that” over the course of the day only to sit down when it’s time for the real meal and realize you are completely full and can’t possibly eat any more?
There’s so much hoopla about turkey, potatoes and stuffing when the real heroes of the day are the bite-sized treats that are served all day so folks can ruin their appetite waiting in anticipation for what they think is the big show.
By the time I’m dishing up some turkey and potatoes I’m really just interested in a taste so I know what leftovers I’ll want adorning my plate the next day, otherwise known as the day after the day I ate too many appetizers, also known as my real Thanksgiving.
So in the spirit of ruining appetites I offer up some favorite starters… oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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