Shortcut Basil & Parmesan Rolls

I have learned it’s okay to take shortcuts, especially when it comes to baking. Oh sure, I aspire to make the perfect pies, cakes, cookies, and bread completely from scratch, but my results are inconsistent at best. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
I’m pretty good with cookies, quick breads and muffins. However, if anything needs yeast and effective kneading to get the desired results I’m pretty much screwed. I just can’t count on myself to get it done right every time.
But, it’s okay. I’ve made my peace with it.
Even if I had mad baking skills I still happen to live in a world where there isn’t always time to make homemade bread from scratch. Between work and Pinterest there aren’t a whole lot of hours left in the day, which is why I’ve been known to stock my fridge with pre made crescent roll dough. It’s just too easy.
Take the rolls pictured above, for example. All I did was unroll the dough and spread a mixture of olive oil, basil and grated parmesan cheese one side. Then I just rolled it up, like I was making cinnamon rolls, and sliced the roll into eight equal sized rolls. Then I baked them until they were starting to brown — about 20 minutes or so.  Fresh from the oven, these little rolls tasted mighty fine as a snack alongside a glass of white wine.
From scratch or not really from scratch — does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Life is way too short to cry over ruined baked goods. I should know — I have a few tear-stained hand towels in my kitchen.

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