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cozy chicken chili

homemade chili recipe

red chicken chili

This is a one-hour chili recipe with chicken, veggies, and chili spices!

so cozy and delicious

Make a big batch for easy meals.

It keeps well in the fridge or freeze it to have on hand for later!


Chicken Breasts * Onion * Bell Pepper * Jalapeno * Garlic * Chili Seasonings * Chicken Stock * Tomato Sauce * Diced Tomatoes * Cilantro * Lime Juice

3 main steps

1. Brown the chicken and veggies. 2. Simmer the chicken in tomatoes and spices. 3. Chop the chicken and simmer again until the chili is thickened.

add your favorite chili toppings!

I love this chicken chili topped crushed Fritos, sour cream, and cilatnro.


So easy. So delicious. You will LOVE this homemade chili!

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I hope you try this recipe soon!

Easy Recipes for Any Occasion