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honey mustard pork chops

easy dinner recipe

pork chops with mustard sauce

This pork chop recipe is so easy! It's ready in 20 minutes - perfect for weeknights.

Delicious pork chops!

The chops are juicy and tender and cook really fast. While they cook you can make the sauce.


Bone-in pork chops Shallot White wine Cream Dijon mustard Fresh tarragon Fresh parsly Olive oil and salt

how to cook the chops

First you sear them in a hot pan for a few minutes to get that nice golden crust. Then you bake them in the oven until they are 145°F.

why this works!

Searing them first gets that gorgeous color. Finishing them in the oven ensures they are juicy and tender!

creamy mustard sauce

While they cook make the creamy mustard sauce! It doesn't take long at all. It's loaded with tons of flavor!


Saute the shallot, add the wine, and then add in the cream and mustard. Finish it with the fresh herbs.

finish the dish!

Pour that creamy sauce over the pork chops. Or, serve it on the side and let everyone help themselves.

You will love this recipe!

Honey mustard pork chops are so easy, so delicious, and perfect for weeknights!

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Easy Recipes for Any Occasion