Taco Rice Casserole

Hearty taco rice casserole with black beans, ground beef, and rice topped with a creamy cheese sauce and all the toppings!

Olive oil Ground beef Taco Seasonings Salt and pepper Enchilada sauce Fire-roasted tomatoes Long-grain white rice Canned black beans Shredded cheddar cheese Heavy cream Cornstarch


STEP 1: Brown the Beef and Simmer it the seasonings, tomatoes, and sauce.

STEP 2: Add the Beans and Rice and Bring the Pan to a Simmer

STEP 3: Cover and Bake!

STEP 4: Warm the Cheese, Cornstarch, and Cream

STEP 5: Stir Until Creamy

STEP 6: Drizzle Over the Top and Add Shredded Cheese

STEP 7: Add Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Cilantro and Serve!

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