easy 5 minute dessert!

chocolate mug cake


craving chocolate?

This mug cake recipe is so easy and delicious! Warm chocolate cake is just fivc minutes away.

This recipe makes a large mug cake that's the perfect dessert for two!

Melted butter Egg Heavy cream All-purpose flour Granulated sugar Unsweetened cocoa powder Chocolate chips


how to make it!

Mix all of the ingredients in a 12-oz microwave-safe mug.

how to make it!

Microwave the mug cake for 1 minute and 30 seconds. The cake is done when the top is set and the sides are pulling away from the mug.

how to make it!

Let the mug cake cool for a few minutes before enjoying it. 

Serve it with a small scoop o f ice cream or spoonful of whipped cream!

Topping ideas

This is the perfect treat when you're craving something sweet.

so easy. so delicious.

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