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the best italian sliders

game day recipe

hot sliders with italian flavors

These sandwich sliders are so easy to make! The perfect snack for game day.

easy to assemble and easy to eat!

They are made with three kinds of salami, cheese, and banana peppers all on soft Hawaiian rolls.


Hawaiian slider rolls Genoa salami Sliced pepperoni Cotta salami Banana peppers Provolone cheese Olive oil Garlic powder Dried Italian seasoning

Layer everything

Place all of the ingredients one-half of the slider rolls. Top with the other half, brush on garlic oil, and that's it!

bake them

Pop them in the oven and bake until they're hot and toasty! Slice, serve, and watch them disappear.


These Italian Sliders will be the hit of the game. You might want  to make a double-batch!

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Easy Recipes for Any Occasion