without a frother!

how to froth milk for coffee


Love coffee shop coffee with frothed milk?

You can froth milk at home and you don't need a fancy coffee machine or espresso maker!

easy frothed milk

Frothed milk is an easy way to dress up that morning cup 'o joe! It's easy and fast!

use a jar - it's easy!

If you have mason jar, you can have foamy, frothy milk in less than five minutes.


Choose your milk: ** Whole Milk (this works best!) ** 2% Milk ** Sweetened almond milk or other sweetened non-dairy milk. Swipe up to learn more about the best  milk to use!

how to froth milk in a jar

This method is so easy! Grab a small heat-proof mason jar.

frothed milk in a jar

Warm the milk in the jar (without the lid) in the microwave. It should be steaming hot, not boiling. For a 1/2 cup of milk, heat for about 1 minute or so.

how to froth it

Secure the lid and then shake the jar until the milk is frothy! Use a towel to hold the jar if it's very hot.

diy frothed milk

Pour the milk into your coffee and spoon the foam on top. That's it!

i hope you try it soon!

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