butternut squash soup

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creamy soup recipe

Butternut squash with white beans makes the creamiest soup!

It's perfect for fall.

so cozy and delicious!

The butternut squash is roasted first and then blended with cannellini beans and fresh herbs for tons of flavor.


Butternut squash Onion Olive oil Carrots Garlic Diced tomatoes Vegetable stock Cannellini beans Fresh sage Fresh thyme Salt and pepper Apple cider vinegar Heavy cream

Butternut squash soup recipe

The little bit of vinegar at the end wakes up all the flavors!  The soup is so creamy with only a little cream. The beans are the secret for the amazing texture.

recipe highlights

Roast the squash and onion until tender. Sauté the other veggies in a large pot and then add the roasted vegetables.

recipe highlights

Add the stock, herbs, and beans, and simmer the soup for 20  minutes. Puree the soup until smooth. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar and a little cream.

Serve it up

Serve this soup as a starter for a special meal or as dinner with some bread or salad on the side!


The flavors in this soup from the subtly sweet butternut squash to the fresh herbs are all about fall!

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I hope you give it a try soon ❤

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