easy slow cooker recipe

pulled pork sandwiches


easy pork sandwiches!

This easy pulled pork recipe makes the best sandwiches!


☑️ Pulled Pork ☑️ Hamburger Buns ☑️ BBQ Sauce ☑️ Coleslaw

Use my slow cooker pulled pork - you can make it ahead!

easy pulled pork

Make a batch of seasoned pulled pork in the slow cooker. You can do this a day ahead and then warm it up the next day for sandwiches.

assemble the sandwiches

Pile that tender shredded pork on hamburger buns.

assemble the sandwiches

Top the pulled pork with some coleslaw. It's cool, tangy, and delicious with the pork.

Add potato salad, pasta salad, fries, or potato chips on the side!

Add favorite side dishes

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