easy summer bread recipe

zucchini banana bread


easy quick bread recipe

Have some zucchini to use up? This zucchini banana bread is a great way to use it!

This bread is soft and moist with banana flavor and flecks of zucchini in every bite.

All-purpose flour Baking soda Brown sugar Granulated sugar Large egg Vegetable oil Mashed bananas Grated zucchini

This is a classic recipe with simple ingredients!


it's easy to make!

1. Mix the dry ingredients. 2. Mix the wet ingredients. 3. Add the dry to the wet ones and mix until just combined. 4. Bake!

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Store it at room temperature for two to three days. Freeze it for several months! Make it a day ahead so the flavors fully develop.

Zucchini Banana Bread is great for breakfast, brunch, or snacks!

so easy. so delicious.

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