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Hi and welcome! Girl Gone Gourmet is my personal food and recipe blog where I share the things I love to cook and eat. When I first started the site in 2009 I focused on trying lots of new things in the kitchen like working with unfamiliar ingredients, sharing my kitchen disasters, or just posting random updates like organizing my pantry. In the beginning, I was all over the place with recipes – I wanted to make all the things! That kind of enthusiasm is what got me going, but over the years I’ve learned a lot and discovered that the best dishes are the ones that come from the heart. So now you will find recipes that mostly celebrate comfort food – it’s a style of food that I love, so I hope you stay awhile and check out some of the 400 recipes saved on this site.

About the Recipes & Posts

  • This blog is an extension of me so you’ll find recipes along with personal stories, musings, and thoughts about food and cooking. Food and cooking isn’t a stand-alone thing in life – food and cooking are intertwined in our everyday lives and I like to share my experiences with readers with the hope that it inspires you to make something delicious, too. But, I get that sometimes we’re busy so there’s a handy-dandy button at the top of each post that allows you to skip right to the recipe where you can print it and get busy cooking.
  • I don’t follow any special diets (i.e. low-carb, paleo, Whole30, etc), but, as of 2017, each recipe includes nutrition information (I am slowly updating old recipes, as well) using an online nutrition calculator called Nutrifox that I trust and pay a fee to access. Readers let me know in a survey that providing nutritional estimates is helpful, so I started doing it because I like to be helpful, but be aware – I am not a nutritionist. You should use this information only as a guide.
  • There’s a little bit of everything, but I focus mostly on dinner recipes with a few side dishes, breakfast, and dessert recipes every now when the mood strikes. Lately, I’ve also started developing recipes for one or two for readers who cook for themselves (like I do!) and don’t love a fridge full of leftovers.
  • Have a question about a recipe? Leave a comment on the post or contact me directly – either way I love hearing from readers and try to respond quickly to questions.
  • I share new posts up to three times a week and the best way to stay connected is to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. I send it out once a week and it has new posts plus other links to recipes I think readers might enjoy. I would love for you to join and, as a thank you, you’ll get a link to download a free ebook with my most popular recipes.

About April

I grew up in Wyoming and have lived in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas, but now I call North Carolina home where I live with my adorable 2-year-old, 68 -poundFeynman | golden retriever puppy, Feynman. In December 2016 I left my corporate job to focus on writing and photography full-time (!) and I spend my days cooking, writing, and taking photos for this site and other places around the web. Interested in working together? Contact me – I’d love to hear from you.

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Often times I write about food-related products and have set up a feature that links to products that I personally use and recommend. I receive a small commission when products are purchased through these links. These commissions, including fees from other advertisements on this site, are used to support the running of Girl Gone Gourmet. Your privacy is important so please visit our privacy page for more information.

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