Quick & Easy Hot Chocolate

4 ingredient hot chocolate - rich, creamy, and so easy to make!

Every year I think once the holidays are over winter should be over, so I always get depressed around mid-January when I realize winter is just getting started. It’s cold and we all need a warm-up, don’t you think? …

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Honey BBQ Chicken Meatballs

Honey BBQ Chicken Meatballs | Girl Gone Gourmet

I know, let’s make an appetizer that has all the great things we love about chicken wings – sticky sauce, flavorful chicken, and some kind of dipping sauce – but do it in a way that doesn’t leave our hands, faces, clothes, and couches stained with all of those things that we love about them. Sound good?…

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Chicken with Rosemary Wine Sauce

Delicious chicken thighs with a buttery rosemary wine sauce. - so yummy!

We all need dinner ideas that are fairly easy to execute, but have a “wow” factor when served – maybe it’s for a special occasion, or when guests are coming for dinner, or when you just want to get your fancy pants on and make an elegant dinner for no reason at all. I like to get out my fancy pants sometimes, don’t you? This chicken dish is one of those meals for those nights, and should I daresay a weeknight? Yes, this is a great weeknight meal -it takes less than an hour to make so an elegant dinner on a random Tuesday is possible! Here’s how it goes……

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Grilled Salmon Citrus Salad

Citrus, spinach, and grilled salmon makes for a light and healthy meal!

 I finally broke down and made a salad. I just couldn’t resist all of the citrus – it’s the best thing about January, isn’t it? Dark, cold, and dreary days made brighter thanks to our citrus friends being in season. This salad is like a summer day – bright, light, and so cheerful – who would guess it’s being served in the middle of January?…

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Mocha Smoothie

Mocha Smoothie | Girl Gone Gourmet

Do you love Williams-Sonoma? So do I! I was inspired to create this post for their “Smoothie Week” and loved the idea to make a “not-so-typical” smoothie. I didn’t receive compensation or free product to do this –  I just love the brand, so be sure to check out all of their amazing blenders  after you’ve read this post – they have so many great options!

Back when I was working in sales, driving around all day every day to visit accounts, I frequently visited a certain coffee shop to get my chocolate/coffee fix. It was just too darn easy to hit up that drive-through. Addictive is the best word to describe it so let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of blended coffee drinks. I should have bought stock.

Anyway, I’ve since broken that habit, but I still get the cravings. This smoothie is pretty darn close to that addictive chocolate and coffee concoction I used to buy almost every day. It’s like a grown up chocolate milk with a wonderful coffee flavor. Did you know that coffee makes chocolate taste more chocolaty? I’ve learned this after watching approximately nine million hours of Ina Garten and, you know what? It’s true. So, if coffee and chocolate gets you excited then this mocha smoothie is for you – it’s the perfect way to start the day or a great pick-me-up when the 3 o’clock slump hits. Oh, and have I  mentioned this version has a healthy twist? I’ve been saving that part… I wanted to lock you in with all the chocolate talk….

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Banana Pancakes with a Maple Butter Glaze

Banana Pancakes with Maple Butter Glaze

What kind of pancake person are you? When it come to pancakes I usually keep it simple. I once made some sweet potato ones (five years ago the idea of making sweet potato pancakes seemed so crazy and radical!), but since then my pancakes always fall in the buttermilk camp with not much else. Which, by the way, I think is totally fine. Buttermilk pancakes are like a little black dress – always classic, always in style.

But we’re not talking about buttermilk pancakes today. No, today we’re upping our pancake game with some banana slices and a warm and decadent maple butter glaze. These pancakes are something you might see served up at a charming bed & breakfast where they’re made to order and served hot along with a cup of french press coffee and a bowl of fruit on the side. The good news? You don’t need to find a bed & breakfast – you can make these this weekend!…

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