Peanut Butter and Chocolate Muffins

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Muffins |

Somewhere along the way I picked up the belief that it’s completely fine to have chocolate for breakfast as long as it’s served in an appropriate breakfast way. So basically brownies for breakfast = bad, but chocolate muffins for breakfast = totally okay! If some peanut butter gets added to the mix it’s even better – peanut butter is absolutely breakfast appropriate and only further legitimizes the whole chocolate for breakfast thing. Right?…

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Baked Double Decker Tacos

Why choose when you can have both?

 I have no problem using convenience foods in the kitchen if it means that I’m less likely to hit up a drive through on the way home from work. Some people recoil at the thought of using canned, jarred, pre-made anything, and, frankly, I get a little annoyed when people judge others on what they use in the kitchen to make dinner. What bothers me even more is that I used to be one of those people, but at some point I realized that just making an effort to cook at home is what really matters to me. Whether it’s a complete from scratch creation or a meal pulled together with the help from some pre-made ingredients, who cares? I’d rather celebrate that dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) was made at home and not pulled from a take-out bag. Bonus points if it’s served at the table. If Steve and I accomplish this most nights each week I am a happy camper and think “I’m so happy we made dinner!” and not, “I wish we’d made everything from scratch.” As much as I love to cook (and cook from scratch) life gets busy, you know?…

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Broccoli Cheese Soup

Creamy broccoli cheese soup with a crispy onion garnish.  It's perfect for a cold wintry day!

 If it’s going to snow and be all freezing cold outside we might as well take advantage of it and make some soup, right? Surprisingly, the weather folks got it right this time and we got our first glimpse of snow flurries on Monday that quickly turned to a freezing rain/sleety mixture that coated the ground in dangerous icy white stuff. Now the snow/sleet/freezing rain has passed leaving us with frigid temperatures and I can’t say I’m too excited about the overnight low of 8 degrees (!) this week. That’s just wrong.

Of course the silver lining is that we get to make soup! Soup was made for cold weather – there’s nothing better than slow-simmering a big pot while day-dreaming about snow days, which, by the way, NEVER happens anymore thanks to laptops, VPN, and cell phones. Schools around here close up at just the hint of snow, but we’re stuck working remotely thanks to all the wonderful technology enabling us to stay connected at work. I am so jealous of those kids.

Anyway, we might not get snow days anymore, but we can still have soup. In this case, a big warm bowl of creamy broccoli cheese soup – let’s break it down……

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Grilled Radicchio

Grilled Radicchio Salad

And…we’re back.

We arrived back home last night just in time for a giant windstorm that has brought with it freezing temperatures. Already our week at the beach is a distant memory as we are once again bundled up trying to stay warm as we wait for some impending snow storm to arrive in North Carolina (although the weather people only get it right about half the time, so we’ll see). Anyway, are you interested in what we did, ate, saw during our recent trip to Key West? If so,  I’ll share more details about our trip later this week. If not, well… maybe you could just tune in for the pretty pictures?

Anyway, for now, let’s talk radicchio….

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