Savory Ricotta Muffins

Ricotta Muffins |

We spent the last weekend in a flurry of “what are all the things we need to do” activity as we prepared for our much needed summer break. For Steve, those things included very grown-up activities like checking on bills, doing the laundry, ironing shirts, and clearing his desk to ensure no bits of papers go astray and cause problems for us while we’re away. For me, preparation included only one thing: I must cook all the things so that 1). The fridge is cleared out before we leave and 2.) I have enough photos, recipes, and blog posts stockpiled so I can keep the blog going while we’re away….

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Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sandwiches |

Which pulled pork team do you support? Are you a spicy tomato-based sauce sort of person? Or do you prefer the vinegary bite of Carolina-style pulled pork? What about spice rubs? Yay? Nay? Do you like to slow roast it in the oven or do you prefer breaking out the wood chips to get a nice smokey flavor? What about using a crock-pot? Love it, hate it?

Let’s discuss….

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Radish and Green Apple Salad

Radish and Green Apple Salad |

Many Saturdays ago Steve and I got all dressed up for dinner at One and two surprising things happened: first, Steve actually enjoyed it (he’s not too into what he thought was going to be “poncy” food – you know, teeny-tiny plates of fussy food served by snobby servers) and, second, the most memorable dish of the night for me was a radish and green apple salad….

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Citrus Cooler

Citrus Cooler |

Around these parts we stick mostly to wine and beer for our cocktail hours, but every once in while I like to shake things up with something new, which can be a little dangerous. If “something new” means purchasing bottles of alcohol and mixers it can get a little expensive, so I better be confident about the end result otherwise those bottles end up becoming dust-collecting decorations that I try to pawn off on visitors and house guests. …

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