Thursday, April 24, 2014

Goodbye Winter

This photo was taken a month ago when winter was saying it's final good-byes here in North Carolina. You know the days, it's still chilly but there are hints of Spring. Rainy days have lost their bitter, wintry edge allowing daffodils to poke up through the cold ground. Itty-bitty buds start revealing themselves on the trees. The days are longer, thanks to that whole "spring forward" time change, ushering in the change in seasons. 

These in-between-days always feel like a last call for favorite winter dishes. A cozy soup, hearty chili, or rich pasta top my list of cold weather faves and it's nice to trot them out for one last hurrah. A last chance to stand over a pot of simmering goodness before turning the page to warmer weather.


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